Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google AdWords

" Staying at the front of the Google AdWords wavefront is critical to the continued success of your business. If your rival gains the upper hand, the long-term consequences may be grave."

But how to gain and keep the upper hand

The Most Important Thing to Consider is
How to Generate Effective Key Words.

Three ways/steps can help to reach this goal.
  1. Broad Match
  2. Phase Match
  3. Exact Match
People can think of a broad match by imagining self as the potential customers of the business. What term would they use to describe your product or service? This way helps people finding out the generic key words of the business. For example: the generic key word of 505-Junk could be "Junk". Next, people need to think of the phases that matched with the business. Let's take 505-Junk as an example again. The matched phases could be "Just show us your junk" or "Junk removal".

Customers want to reach the exact business, where provide the exact products and services they are looking for. That means businesses need to pay more attention on "Exact Match" when doing Google AdWords. For example:  People want to show up their exact company name in the ad. because they want the potenial customers to find their company when searching. Companies would also need to point out the area they would like to provide service to because customers don't want to reach a company that would only provide service for, for example: WhiteRock., if the customer is living in Richmond and looking for nearby store or services.

People would also need to do a time setting for the Google AdWords because they don't want to get a phone call when sleeping. These could happen if the customer is calling from a different geographic location.

Last but not least, people need to set a daily budge for Google AdWords because the business don't want to spend endless ad. expense. Every business need to think of ROI. Profibility is always a big topic for every business.

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